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Angel Garza becomes a father

Angel Garza has long been out of the main WWE storylines. After a great start in the Main Roster, the Mexican fighter gradually disappeared until he first became a regular member of the Main Event, only to return to the main brand and disappear again.

After an excellent stint at NXT and an excellent collaboration with Andrade and Zelina Vega on Raw, his very young career seems to have come to a standstill. What’s the reason? The wrestler has had the opportunity to talk about it in the past, very well explaining the main difference between NXT and the Main Roster.

Despite belonging to the same company, the difference between NXT and the two main rosters is still important. The athlete has been a part of WWE since 2019, only to make his debut for NXT in the same year. Subsequently, he landed on Raw.

In a dialogue that took place with Michael Morales and Fabricio Solano of Lucha Libre Online, Garza had the opportunity to explain that the matches are much longer than NXT and for this reason many times the federation does not include him for reasons of time in the cards.

In the last period, Garza has been joined by Humberto Carrillo, also a young WWE promise, who has not yet made it through, forming the Los Lotharios.

Angel Garza became a father

Thanks to an Instagram story, Angel Garza wanted to communicate to all fans and acquaintances that his wife, TV presenter and sports program presenter, Zaide Lozano, gave birth to their first child, whom the two wanted to call Dara Dudley Solano.

The baby was born at 06:45 in the morning and immediately filled the lives of her parents, who had been looking for her for some time, with light. Garza had already announced that he and his wife were expecting a girl a few days ago, posting a photo always in the stories of Instagram, with a little outfit, a ring attire as children, for her daughter of hers.

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