Sunday, November 27

Latest update on Edge’s status

After creating Judgment Day with Damian Priest and looking for followers to add to the stable, such as Rhea Ripley, Edge was then kicked out by the “new purchase” of the group, namely Finn Balor who, in turn, took the reins of the group.

This happened after the news of Cody Rhodes’s terrible injury and, in the absence of credible babyfaces, WWE made Judgment Day rebel against its boss, thus deploying Edge on the side of the good guys. In addition, the WWE, at the time of the events, communicated that Edge, due to the attack, suffered a “non-displaced fracture of the orbital wall” and that he would be absent for an unspecified time.

Backstage news on Edge

From Money in the Bank, however, something has changed: in fact, during the PPV and the TV shows, the WWE aired a short video that was quite cryptic and in which you could see certain details, such as Foley’s burning shirt, the gold medal, the Latino Heat plate etc.

etc. If at the beginning there were doubts about who he might be, with the passing of the days it became clear that Edge is the mysterious man who is hidden in the video.’s Sean Sapp shared with fans the possible plan for the Rated R Superstar’s return to WWE: “WWE plans to bring Edge to New York next week for the episode of RAW which will take place at Madison.

Square Garden. For now, we can’t confirm whether Edge will actually appear for this major show to be held in a major arena. However, we can confirm that WWE has plans to bring him back to the red show right away and then to SummerSlam, which will be held in Nashville.”

Obviously, the news is to be taken with a grain of salt and nothing is confirmed, but WWE is hoping to get Edge back for the home show at MSG and then go to SummerSlam and probably challenge one between Priest and Balor.

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