Sunday, November 27

Raw: The Miz is not afraid of anyone

The third and final part of the red show opens backstage, where Sarah Schreiber introduces her guest … BUT VEER MAHAN ARRIVES AND SCARES THE GIRL AND LAUGHS … BUT THAT … the interviewer introduces THE MIZ, who claims to have a name in surprise for his talk show (it’s Logan Paul) and reiterates how the YouTuber is welcome if he wants to go back to team up like WrestleMania 38 but that, if not, he will be labeled as the main enemy!

In the ring comes the MISTER MITB THEORY! The ATL & Down Town leader says he could cash in after the match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, but that he could also become the new US champion at SummerSlam. Then, he reiterates how many superstars are jealous of him and the fact that he could win it all… BUT COMES AJ STYLES!

Phenomenal One claims that everyone thinks Theory is stupid and that he wants to be the one who will take it all away. Theory provokes AJ for his past of him in Georgia, but Styles reiterates that he is proud of his origins.

Mister MITB defines AJ as an old man on the avenue of the sunset… BUT STYLES HITS HIM WITH A FIST !!! THEORY IS OUTSIDE THE RING … AND ARRIVES DOLPH ZIGGLER !!! -AJ Styles Vs Mister MITB Theory Styles misses the Sunset Flip and Theory comes close to victory after a nice Brainbuster!


The Miz hosted his talk show

Logan Paul tossed The Miz out of the ring as the segment came to an end. THEORY IS ABOUT TO GIVE OUT … BUT IT SAVES !!! The two leave the ring… THEORY SENDS STYLES AGAINST THE COMMENT TABLE !!!

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